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Post  Admin on Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:31 pm

Extract .zip to desktop
Run 12sky2 game client and login
Run Li-quidHack and login
Click on the "Hack Tab" and set the values
Click on the "Pot/Bot Tab" and set the values and key.
Moving & Attack Speed
set the % and check the box or use the "Hotkey" to enable (30~100 % recommended)

God Mode
First click on the monster you wish to enable godmode in game. Then check the box or use the "Hotkey" to enable. God Mode will be applied to currently selected monster set.
* God mode is only recommended for big bosses
** If you want to enable God Mode for another set of monster, you have to first disable by unchecking the box or press the "Hotkey" one more time.
*** It is possible to discount from the server using God Mode on regular Melee Monsters.

First set the value(between 300-1000 is recommended) and click on the monster you wish to enable range hack.
* Initial monster set in current screen view is not effected.(you have to kill them first round)
** Higher value increases more range)

Instant Revive
You can click on the button or use the "Hotkey" when you die. (you will respawn in same position) Your hp will be 0, during this phase is semi-godmode, meaning nothing can attack you but you can't attack them.
* Using Hotkey is highly recommended. (Avoid Alt-Tab, you only have 10sec to revive)

Faction Change
Simply click on the faction icon you wish to change. This will allow you to see enemy's name and use their portals. You can use this option to teleport to other faction's place and use their npc.
* Note that other players will still see you same. only effects own player. You cannot deal damage to your own faction with faction change.

Zone Teleport
You can use "teleport npc" after changing faction. You will be able to teleport to respective other faction's place.
*Do not use "town scroll" to port to other faction's town.

HP and Chi Autopot
First set the % (use hp/chi pot when it fall below "xx%") and pick slot where your pills will be. Then enable auto pot by checking the box or using the "Hotkey"

AutoBot (Aoe Skills)
First select the slot for aoe skill then either check the box or use the "Hotkey" to enable.
* Highly recommended for using the "Hotkey"

Auto Pick Up (rooting)
Either check the box for use the "Hotkey" Use along with other bots to create perfect Auto Grinding machine.

the link to download not credit to me....


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